Calling All Self-Published Authors

Have you written or self-published a book about local government that you would like a larger and international audience to see?  This page may help you get the word out!

Here's how it works:

ICMA provides this “Member Books" website page to help member authors promote their self-published books and book manuscripts about local government. ICMA does not sell books on this page and does not keep copies of members' self-published works. What ICMA can do is connect member authors with prospective readers. The rest is up to you.

Visitors to the "Member Books" page will have all the information they need to decide whether to contact member authors about their books. All communication from interested parties concerning the books listed on this page will be between the interested browser and the author, not with ICMA.

ICMA's role is that of conduit, and we're happy to be able to provide that service. In doing so, it is our responsibility to make clear that ICMA

  • Does not process book order transactions for these member self-published books
  • Does not market these books
  • Has no copies of the books described here
  • Has not reviewed these publications and does not endorse them
  • Accepts for inclusion on this page only nonfiction works about local government and/or local government professionals
  • Reserves the right to not post a publication or to remove any publication from the list for any reason
  • Defines self-published as a manuscript that one would expect to see as a published book, either in raw manuscript form (e.g., a Microsoft Word document) or printed by you or a printing partner
  • Descriptions of books you have produced using a vanity press can be posted on this page.

For this page we will not accept

  • Self-published books by non-ICMA members
  • Fiction
  • Books published by professional publishing houses. 

ICMA is pleased to offer this resource as a member benefit.

How to submit:
  1. Member authors with self-published books or book manuscripts can complete the Member-Written Self-Published Book Form and send it to, either as an attachment to your e-mail or as text in the body of your message. If you are unable to use e-mail, complete the form and mail it to Member & Customer Support, ICMA, 777 N. Capitol Street, NE, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20002.
  2. That's it! ICMA staff will confirm that you provided all of the requested information, and we will post it on this page within 14 days. Books will remain on the site for approximately 2 years. Periodically we will remind members that this resource exists.