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Local Gov Life highlights successful programs and projects that enhance the quality of life in our communities.

United Front

Compelling stories of local government professionals and how they overcame the disruptive challenges in their community – both personal and professional.

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Episode 1: See What You Can Become

In this episode of United Front, Bonnie Svrcek, city manager of Lynchburg, VA, opens up about her career and also discusses various aspects of women in the workplace.   

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Episode 2: Step Out of Your Box - Step Out of Your Office

In this episode of United Front, Dana Muscott, city manager of Bay City, MI, opens up about the importance of work/life balance and why it's okay to just say no.

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Episode 3: Think More Positively of Your Strengths

In this episode of United Front, Gina Holt, city manager of Springfield, Tennessee, opens up about women in the profession and the confidence gap.

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Episode 4: Marcela Piedra Advises “Never Stop Learning”

In this episode of United Front, Marcela Piedra, the first female CAO of El Centro, California, believes no matter where you are in your career, you always need to be learning.

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Episode 5: Chris Volkers Gives Back to the Next Generation

In this episode of United Front, Moorhead, Minnesota, City Manager Christina Volkers considers helping the next generation of professionals one of her top priorities.

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Episode 6: Julie Underwood Won’t Let Fear Get in the Way

In this final episode of LocalGov Life “United Front,” Julie Underwood, city manager of Mercer Island, Washington describes her career, her philosophy on finding mentors, and how she manages the “second shift.”

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