The Leadership ICMA Legacy Fund helps individuals to complete the ICMA Leadership Program who otherwise would not be able to because of being in transition, economic constraints or other mitigating factors.


  • An individual terminated from their current position and currently in the process of securing new employment.
  • The jurisdiction the individual works for has cut funding for travel and/or employee development programs.
  • The individual is paying a portion or all costs associated with the program themselves and is currently experiencing economic hardship which makes it impossible for them to continue this expense.
  • Has completed the three day orientation process for Leadership ICMA.
  • Has the ability to pay up to 50% of the costs associated with Leadership ICMA. 


Applications will be submitted to the ICMA Director of Leadership Development who sits as an ex-officio member of the Leadership ICMA Legacy Fund Review Team. Applications will be reviewed by the team within ten (10) business days of receipt. To apply, complete the Leadership ICMA application  and the Leadership ICMA Grant Application form located here and  mail to:

Felicia C. Logan
Leadership ICMA
777 North Capitol Street, NE
Suite 500
Washington, DC 20002-4201  

Please direct any questions to Felicia C. Logan, ICMA, Director of Leadership Development at: flogan@icma.org, (202) 962-3626. 

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Leadership ICMA Legacy Fund Brochure