Town Administrator

Town of Waitsfield, VT

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Nature of Position: The Town Administrator is a highly responsible administrative position
supervising and coordinating the overall operations of the Town. The Town Administrator's mission
is to support the Selectboard in carrying out its duties and responsibilities. The Town Administrator
is responsible for managing the day-to-day affairs of the Town as specifically assigned by the
Selectboard, and in all areas not directly assigned by the Selectboard to someone else. The Town
Administrator shall assist the Selectboard in meeting its responsibilities through his/her own work
as well as through the work of other staff, volunteers and officers of the Town.

Appointment, Supervision and Evaluation: The Town Administrator is appointed and may be
removed by the Selectboard. The Town Administrator is supervised and evaluated by the
Selectboard. The Town Administrator shall be subject to the Town's personnel policies, and may be
removed from office pursuant thereof. The Town Administrator also shall be subject to the terms of
a contract negotiated between the Selectboard and Employee. In no case shall the office be occupied
by someone deemed ineligible under the State's Incompatible Offices statute (17 V.S.A. Section

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:
1. Acts as the Town's principal staff member responsible for implementing the policy and programmatic directives established by the Selectboard and for supervising the overall operations of the Town, and is responsible to the Selectboard in such matters. The Administrator shall keep the Selectboard informed of all important matters involving the Town and shall make reports and recommendations to the Board as it so directs or as the Administrator deems advisable.
2. Attends all meetings of the Selectboard except when the Administrator's compensation, evaluation, contract or removal is being considered, or when the Selectboard allows or requests an absence.
3. Acts as a liaison between the Selectboard and other Town boards, commissions, committees, officials and employees as required. Serves as an ex-officio member of all standing committees of the Town, with the right to attend and participate in all meetings, but has no vote in any such committee. The Administrator shall not be expected or required to attend all such meetings, but shall use his/her judgment under guidance of the Selectboard to determine the appropriate level of his/her participation and support to such committees.
4. Prepares an annual budget and capital improvement plan for the Town with input from all departments, commissions, committees and various entities funded by the Town, submits the budget to the Selectboard for review and approval, and is responsible for its administration after adoption except where other entities are responsible by statute or Selectboard policy.
5. Works with the Treasurer to assure that regular budget reports and a preliminary year end budget report are furnished to the Selectboard in a timely manner. Works with the Treasurer to administer a system of accounts to facilitate good budget management and records.
6. Assists and cooperates with the annual outside audit conducted at the direction of the Selectboard.
7. Supervises the gathering of information for and preparation of the annual Town Report for distribution in accordance with statute prior to Town Meeting, and includes such other information as the Selectboard may direct.
8. Acts as the general purchasing agent for the Town with the exception of the schools, cemeteries and library, subject to the Purchasing Policy adopted by the Selectboard.
9. Assists the Selectboard in supervising and managing the efficient operation of all departments and functions of the Town with the exception of the schools, cemeteries and library, including but not limited to the road, fire and water departments; general administration; planning and zoning; contracts for public safety services, assessing services and water system operations; and the Town's intermunicipal agreements for planning, solid waste, and shared road and fire services with neighboring municipalities.
10. Acts as the Selectboard's agent in the supervision of employees. Advises and assists the Selectboard in regard to the appointment and hiring of employees, determination of salaries and wages, management of benefits, and evaluation, discipline or discharge of employees. The Selectboard will endeavor to work through the Town Administrator in its direction and supervision of all employees. With the agreement of the Selectboard, the Administrator may delegate to other employees any duties conferred upon the Administrator. The Administrator shall remain accountable that such duties are met and such tasks completed, and for reporting to the Selectboard when they are not.
11. Supervises all human resources functions of the Town.
12. Acts with the approval of the Selectboard, as the Town's agent in the signing of contracts, agreements, purchase orders, legal, and similar matters.
13. Prepares long range planning documents or capital plans as directed by the Selectboard and with input from various departments and committees.
14. Assists in the development of policies for the general direction of Town affairs at the request of the Selectboard.
15. Ensures that all Town and special service district ordinances are enforced.
16. Serves as a liaison between the general public and the Selectboard.
17. Acts on behalf of the Town and with support from the Town Treasurer and Grant Administrator in identifying, applying for, and administrating any grants sought or received by the Town or special service districts after Selectboard approval.
18. Prepares agendas and meeting packets for Selectboard meetings in coordination with the Selectboard Chair and assists the Selectboard to ensure that all requirements of Open Meeting Laws are met.
19. Maintains the Town's official Web site with support from Town staff.
20. Assures that arrangements for all aspects of Town Meetings that are not the responsibility of the Town Clerk as statutory supervisor of elections are made.
21. Supervises and manages the proper use, scheduling, efficient operation and maintenance of all facilities of the Town with the exception of the schools, cemeteries and library. These include but are not limited to the Town Office, General Wait House, Lareau Swimhole Park and other owned or conserved lands. Assists the Fire Department and Road Department in the management of their respective facilities and equipment.
22. Serves as a representative of the Selectboard in contact with local, state and federal agencies and officials in matters pertaining to the Town.
23. Assists the Selectboard in developing and maintaining a list of projects, priorities, and an action program for the Town including a time/due-date calendar.
24. Performs all other duties required by his/her employment contract, Town policies and ordinances, or as assigned by the Selectboard.

Desired Qualifications, Abilities and Skills:
 Bachelor's or Master’s degree preferred, with a course of study in public or business administration, political science or equivalent subjects. Three years’ experience in local government planning or administration, or equivalent experience in business or government preferred. A combination of the above qualifications may be acceptable as determined by the Selectboard.
 Knowledge of municipal finance, accounting and budgeting.
 Knowledge of state and federal laws and regulations affecting municipal governments including but not limited to finance, public works, elections, planning, personnel practices, access to public records and open meetings.
 Ability to interact positively with local citizens, the media, other town officials and employees.
 Ability to work effectively with local, regional and state agencies and officials, local businesses and non-profit organizations.
 Commitment to the Town's goals and objectives as determined by its voters, Selectboard, commissions and committees.
 Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
 Ability to work proficiently with computers, software, and other tools that are essential to efficient conduct of the Town Administrator's responsibilities.
 Ability to conduct legal research and present findings, and to assist the Selectboard in the management of legal matters in which the Town is a participant.
 Ability to manage and resolve conflict.
 Ability to think creatively and analytically, to evaluate alternative solutions to a given problem and offer objective recommendations.
 Ability to exhibit initiative, leadership and judgment in the administration of all affairs placed in his/her charge.
 Ability to coordinate, direct and supervise staff as assigned by the Selectboard.
 Ability to organize and use time effectively, and handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously.
 Ability to keep accurate, organized records.
 Ability to work independently without direct supervision.
 Ability to manage confidential information in a professional and legal manner.
 Ability to listen to and accept criticism.
 Interest and willingness to attend appropriate training to maintain and improve skills.
 Positive attitude and ability and willingness to collaborate as part of a team.
Working Conditions: This job is a salaried position as defined in the Town's Personnel Policy and subject to employee benefits as defined therein. It is expected to be performed under normal office conditions for a minimum of forty hours per week. It is recognized that there is considerable time is required outside normal office hours both in the field and to attend various meetings.
January 30, 2024

How to Apply

Application Deadline
email cover letter and resume, as single PDF attachment, to with ‘Town of Waitsfield” as subject

Job Details

Job Function
Other, Department Head/Director
Position Type
Full Time

Town of Waitsfield


4144 Main St
Waitsfield, VT 05673-6094
United States



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