ICMA's Future of Professional Management Fund Supports Local Efforts

The Fund supports efforts to adopt and retain the council-manager form and other activities that advocate professional local government management.

ICMA’s Future of Professional Management Fund (previously the Endowment Fund and the Fund for Professional Management) was established in 1986 by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), to advocate and promote the council-manager form and professional local government management.

Below is a list of recent form-of-government efforts supported in part by ICMA's Future of Professional Management Fund. To view a complete listing of communities that the Fund has supported, click here.



Amherst, Massachusetts (38,000)--Adopted council-manager form recommended by charter commission (March 27)



Canton, South Dakota (3,386)--Abandoned council-manager form in favor of commission-mayor (November 7)

Fair Oaks, Texas (8,645)--Adopted home rule charter, which paved way for council-manager form (May 6)

Lakeland, Florida (106,420)--Defeated proposal to switch from council-manager to mayor-council (November 7)

Saratoga Springs, New York (27,763)--Petition to re-count ballots in city's close (10-vote) charter change election in November denied by judge in February 2018, but petitioners haven't given up.

Shoreacres, Texas (1,600)--Switched from mayor-council to council-manager (May 6)

West Jordan, Utah (113,699)--Abandoned council-manager for mayor-council form by 63 votes (November)


Carver, Minnesota (pop. 4,147)--Adopted council-manager form (November)

East Providence, Rhode Island (47,149)--Abandoned council-manager form (November)

Freeport, Illinois--Adopted council-manager form (November)

Snohomish, Washington--Abandoned council-manager form (November)



Sacramento, California (pop. 479,686)--Rejected mayor-council proposal for this capital city and retained council-manager form (November)

West Columbia, Souith Carolina (pop. 16,282)--Rejected mayor-council proposal and retained council-manager form (October)


Columbia, South Carolina (pop. 133,358)--Defeated initiative to change this capital city's council-manager form of government (December 3)

Washougal, Washington (pop. 14,75)--Retained council-manager form (November)


Coos County, Oregon (62,282)--Unsuccessful attempt to create county administrator position (November)

McHenry County, Illinois (307,409)--Retained council-manager form 

Sarasota, Florida (53,326)--Rejected proposal to amend the city’s charter, split the charter position of city auditor/clerk, and create a new position of city clerk that would report to the city manager rather than city commissioners.

Saratoga Springs, New York (27,315)--Rejected proposal to change from commission to council-manager form

Westbrook, Connecticut (6,292)--Rejected charter review commission recommendation to create town manager position while retaining town meeting form (November)