ICMA Online Classroom

We're moving you to the head of the class

Knowledge is power and our new online classroom delivers on both. Get ready to learn from ICMA subject matter experts on a new high-tech platform that makes it easier to:

  • Take a webinar
  • Enroll staff in an e-course
  • Earn an online certificate

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New Features

Our new platform is one step toward creating a worldwide learning community as outlined in the Envision ICMA strategic plan. This state-of-the-art technology is designed to enhance your learning experience with:

Seamless Audio

Dual streaming eliminates audio drops and the need to refresh mid-session

Faster on-demand access

Instant streaming backups mean that on-demand recordings are available as soon as the live event finishes airing

Improved search

Find live and on-demand programs by topic, keyword, and career stage

Enhanced admin tools

Register staff members, monitor their progress, print certificates – all from your private dashboard

User-friendly dashboard

Search your programs, tally credits and review your transcript – all in one easy location

On-the-go access

We’re now optimized for mobile so your new classroom goes where you go—from a conference room to an airline

How does it work?

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