The John Garvey Fund was established in 1995 following the recommendation of the ICMA International Committee to create a scholarship to help ICMA members gain an international management perspective. The ICMA International Committee offers two scholarships for each application cycle--one for a U.S. citizen and one for a non-U.S. citizen. Each scholarship is $3,500 and is to be used for a young professional (defined as age 40 or younger at the time of application) to establish international connections and experience an international event for local government professionals. This scholarship is administered by the ICMA International Committee. Individuals with questions can contact Jeanette Gass, senior program manager, Global Engagement at

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Please note that this information will not be used in the review of your application, but rather this information will be used simply to track the diversity of the candidates that receive funding through this program.

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You can find a list of ICMA international partners here. Please note that an existing relationship is not required for the scholarship application.
A stated desire of the committee is to use this fund to increase the number of underrepresented groups, (Black/African American, Hispanic/ Latino, American Indian), as well as women, LGBTQ, young professionals, and persons with disabilities, participating in exchange programs and other international activities. Do you belong to an underrepresented group? Some options are listed below. Please feel free to select from these or expand upon the choices using the space in the other category.

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Please attach an endorsement letter from your employer explaining what assistance the local government will provide you. The letter should describe what your employer hopes to receive from your participation in the process.

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Information below text box: Please provide a plan for how you will share your experience with ICMA audiences around the world. Some options include creating a blog post, sharing your trip on social media, proposing an article for PM Magazine of the Leadership Matters newsletter. You will be required to submit a report to receive the funds.
Please note that you may apply to more than one ICMA international scholarship; however, one person can only receive one scholarship.