The ICMA Strategic Plan calls for the organization to explore and use technology to expand outreach to members and other local government professionals throughout the world. To rapidly disseminate resources and information describing leading local government practices ICMA uses this website as it primary information hub. The topics area covers more than 70 subjects relevant to users. In addition the website's Q&A feature helps local governments helps users get sample policies, new approaches, and more. Join our social media community and subscribe to our newsletter and blog, to get breaking news updates and alerts when innovative resources are added to the For more indepth content, PM Magazine and LocalGov Life our podcast features stories and practical advice from the local government community around the world. 

Through ICMA University, practitioners and students at any career stage can access our professional development remotely. We're working on enhancing all of our certificate programs to incorporate enhanced online learning modules and improved user experiences that can be accessed throughout the world. 

ICMA partners with technology leaders such Esri, Sas, Board Docs, Smart Cities Counties, and more to bring new technology solutions for citizen engagement, transparency, and access to our members.