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collective bargaining

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ICMA's most popular HR experts cover what managers need to know when negotiating with unionized employees.

2023 was a historic year for labor, with ongoing strikes throughout the country pressuring management across multiple sectors to return to the bargaining table. Though the public sector has historically avoided many of the major union activities that have affected other industries, the successful strikes in California earlier this year suggest that this may be changing.
As union activity continues to increase, an understanding of the mechanics and complexities of collective bargaining is perhaps more necessary than ever for managers. In this webinar, you'll join two of ICMA's most popular experts on the topic as they discuss the basics, best practices, and nuances you need to know in order to negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement for both sides.

What will be covered:

  • The nuts and bolts of the manager's role in collective bargaining
  • The first steps a manager should take when preparing for negotiations
  • Effective communication strategies
  • How to cost out proposals and settlements
  • Transparency and ethics

Our Presenters:

Carol Granfield



Carol Granfield is the senior management consultant and Director of Human Resources Services for Municipal Resources, Inc, where she brings 40 years of public sector management experience. She is an ICMA Credentialed Manager and has served in leadership positions in several local governments across New England and Virginia.


Sandy Stapczynski



Sandy Stapczynski has over 30 years of experience in human resource management. She is the founder and president of Human Resources Services, where she and her associates provide consultancy services to hundreds of New England cities, towns, school districts, counties, regional agencies, and state agencies.



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