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AlUla Global City Summit
The AlUla Global City Summit aims to facilitate interaction and knowledge-sharing among local government professionals from various cities worldwide.

What Attendees Can Learn:

AlUla, Saudi Arabia, is a nature and heritage destination that is experiencing tremendous growth and change. The development of local governance structures to manage the city and its growth will influence long-term quality of life for residents.

The city’s evolving approach to this challenge is to bring a community focus to decision making and to grow local governance from the ground up. While AlUla has been inhabited for thousands of years, tourism and community development are new. As a result, the city is interested in the experience and expertise of the international local governance community to help instill best practices in local government leadership, management, service delivery, planning, and other local government functions.

Attending the inaugural Global Cities Summit will allow participants to experience the changes and challenges occurring in AlUla and share solutions and approaches with local officials. Additionally, participants will learn about evolving governance dynamics in the Gulf Region while experiencing a unique culture and heritage destination. Attendees will also participate in site visits, networking opportunities, and attend workshops and learning exchanges.

If you are interested in participating in this event, please contact the Global Engagement Team at global@icma.org for more information.

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