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AI Generative AI Artificial Intelligence

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Learn how to prepare your jurisdiction for the proliferation of AI-powered technology in this free webinar from ICMA Strategic Partner, Polco.

We are standing on the edge of a technological revolution. AI has the potential to transform governance with its wide-ranging uses and implications, both large and small.

For example, governments can employ AI to write social media content, freeing up valuable time for other tasks. That's handy, but it also possesses powerful decision-making abilities through analyzing and interpreting vast amounts of community data.

With so much potential, how exactly are local governments using AI? What are the most valuable use cases for AI? Is your organization prepared to leverage AI to its fullest potential?


In this webinar, in partnership with Polco, leaders in community engagement and data analytics, you will

  • Learn how to get started with AI.
  • Explore how your peers have implemented this young but powerful tool.
  • Get a sense of the possibilities and concerns around this revolutionary technology.
  • Brainstorm AI’s potential uses in local government.
  • Discuss the public sector’s readiness to adopt AI.
  • Get ideas on how you can incorporate AI in decision-making processes.

Artificial intelligence is already here, and it’s advancing quickly. Join the webinar to glean ideas about how your organization can take full advantage of AI and stay ahead of the trends.


  • Nick Mastronardi, PhD, CEO, Polco
  • Tobin McKearin, PhD, VP of Data Science, Polco
  • Michelle Kobayashi, Principal Research Strategist, Polco
  • Angelica Wedell, Communications Director, Polco (moderator)

This webinar is complimentary thanks to the sponsorship of ICMA Strategic Partner Polco.

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