Creating and executing a vision for communities of the future will take courageous leadership. With the right tools, local government managers are poised to be at the forefront of those thriving and interconnected communities of every size. While the communities featured in this paper from ICMA and Siemens, a strategic partner, are on different points on the planning continuum, they each share common lessons learned, key considerations, and challenges moving forward.

Many smart technologies may seem like they belong to a distant future, while others have become practically necessary overnight. Navigating the needs of individual communities will require leaders open to new and innovative solutions from unconventional partners, oftentimes outside of their organizations or even jurisdictions. As managers begin to grapple with what is possible, there are some key questions worth considering. Download this new report from ICMA and Siemens, “Putting Smart Community Strategies to Work in Small and Midsize Jurisdictions,” for new ideas and strategies for your community.

What's Inside:

  • Introduction: Smaller Places, Smart Places
  • Smart Community Deployments in Second-Tier Communities
  • Smart Community Profiles
    • Bellevue, Washington
    • Lakeland, Florida
    • Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
    • Peoria, Illinois
    • South Portland, Maine
  • Key Considerations

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