The ICMA Coaching Program attracts talent to local government and ICMA membership and promotes professional development. The Coaching Program provides a comprehensive set of learning and career development opportunities that share leading practices, encourage professional growth and stimulate cultures of talent development among ICMA members and non-members, their local government organizations, ICMA State Association and Outreach Partners.

The Coaching Program focuses on the development needs of two groups:

· New local government executives or persons applying to become local government

executives to enhance their prospects for success through targeted support at their

critical initial stages of leadership responsibility.

· Up-and-coming local government management talent to outline career pathways and

opportunities, provide guidance and support on ways to prepare for advancement, and

enrich the network of relationships and resources to enjoy rewarding careers.

Through a volunteer network of experienced local government executives and senior

assistants serving as coaches, the Program aims to:

Support the professional and personal development of new and aspiring local government leaders.
Encourage an ethos of mentoring and coaching at all levels in the local government management profession.
Provide opportunities for successful local government managers to share their expertise in ways that are effective, efficient, and personally rewarding. Provide connections, resources, and support to help build equity and inclusiveness in the profession.

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