Modern Economic Development Brochure

Mar 8, 2017

Eagle Mountain City is a fast-growing city in Utah. Founded only in 1996 with 250 people, 20 years later we are 31,000 strong and not slowing down. Our weakness has been in economic development mostly due to geographic location. Fortunately we do have a lot of good things going for us including gigabit internet, surplus of electricity, water, etc. and more. We wanted to make an impression to businesses, the right businesses, that broke the mold of traditional government publications. This document is best seen in its physical printed form as it was designed to have the map printed on separate, perforated, transparent sheets, die cutting at the top, and more. It's meant to catch your eye, make you want to come back to it, and get the business talking. A more customized version exists that can be modified for any RFIs that come in.