A basic premise of the Midwest Leadership Institute is that successful outcomes in local government require a deep understanding of interpersonal leadership. The ability to understand individual and organizational behavior and the ability to diagnose why people act the way they do is crucial. The courage and discipline to admit when you do not know what you do not know, which requires you to know yourself and your emotions, is also a focus of the Institute.

To learn more about the Midwest Leadership Institute, takeaways, videos, and more, visit midwestleadershipinstitute.org or contact:

A cross-disciplinary team of leading local government practitioners and experts in executive coaching and leadership development presents the program.

Presentation Team:

  • David E. Morrison, M.D.
  • Daven Morrison, M.D.
  • David M. Limardi, Limardi Consulting LLC, MPA, ICMA-CM
  • Robert Kiely, MPA, ICMA-CM
  • Dawn S. Peters, MPA

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