Medical Marijuana

Information on policies, procedures, and actions related to local government and state medical marijuana laws and dispensaries is available at these websites:


Fort Collins, Colorado - City’s medical marijuana website with ballot language and application materials:



Boulder, Colorado – City medical marijuana ordinance:


Phoenix, Arizona – City ordinance and more:



Los Angeles, California – City ordinance:



San Diego County, California – County ordinance:



Fresno County, California - Website lists cannabis laws for cities in Fresno County:



California NORML - Medical Marijuana, Prop 215 and SB 420:



California NORML - Local Medical Marijuana Cultivation & Possession Guidelines in California:



Colorado Public Health and Environment - Medical Marijuana Center [e-Newsletter] Update, June 2012:



Garden Grove, California - Medical Marijuana Dispensaries - Frequently Asked Questions:



Butte County [California] District Attorney - Medical Marijuana Guidelines for Butte County Physician Approved Patients:



The State Press, Tempe, Arizona: “Arizona Cities Create Medical Marijuana Laws”:



Washington State Department of Health – Medical Marijuana (Cannabis):


Source: Information provided is from online searches conducted by staff of the Alliance for Innovation, Phoenix, Arizona.


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