Austin for All People Report

This after action report chronicles the efforts ICMA, along with the "Austin for All People" campaign, undertook to protect the council-manager form of government in Austin, Texas. 

"By providing an overview of our experience in Austin, this report offers some insights for our members who may face similar political moves to eliminate professional management in their communities," said Marc Ott, ICMA Executive Director/CEO. "Looking back, we could not have succeeded without the leadership and partnerships of all those who defended the council-manager form of government in Austin."

The effort to defeat Proposition F resulted in one of the most lopsided wins in Austin’s political history. In fact, Proposition F attracted more votes than any other measure on the May 2021 ballot. This was achieved, in large part, because of the following:

  • Successfully defining the issue and focusing squarely on the form of government, which put Austinites for Progressive Reform in a constantly defensive position.
  • Working with allies from all political backgrounds toward a common goal.
  • Engaging with a broad network of community and professional leaders such as Texas City Management Association, UT Austin LBJ School of Public Affairs, and ICMA members to speak on the issue and garner support.
  • Having volunteer community leaders serve as the faces of the effort.
  • Demonstrating to the public that even if we disagree on issues, we can always work together for the common good of the community.

Read the full report here.

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