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With one purchase order, one local news feature, and one swift decision on behalf of residents in need, Pasco County used Cope Notes to impact the mental and emotional health of their community without lifting a finger.


Pasco County was a big county with an even bigger problem: How do we support the mental health of our underserved residents in the wake of COVID-19? It would be too time-consuming, liability-intensive, and expensive to launch their own program. "We just don’t have the money, the personnel, or the capacity to take on such a big project, handle all of the backend work, marketing materials, account management, and so on," explained Ryan Hoskins, a representative for One Community Now. "It’s just too much for a small team to take on.”


With co-branded marketing materials and a local news feature, Cope Notes partner One Community Now distributed 100% of Pasco County's subscriptions within just 48 hours of their announcement to the public. The overwhelming demand resulted in near-immediate county-level discussions of a second purchase. “I just couldn't believe how easy it was to roll out,” said Patti Templeton, Executive Director of One Community Now. “All we had to do was tell people about it. Cope Notes did the rest. They literally handled everything for us.” One Community Now set out to provide preventative, comprehensive care to Pasco County residents in the name of health equity, health education, and public safety. With the scalability and automation of Cope Notes, they’re still providing that support to individuals in need on a daily basis... all without assuming any administrative burden of their own.

Case Study Spotlight

Community Partner

One Community Now

Priority Populations

Foster Families • First Responders • Veterans & Seniors • Healthcare Workers • Homeless Communities • Low-Income Households

By the Numbers

100% enrollment within 48 hours of announcement

228K texts exchanged with individuals in need

86% of users reported improved mental health

"Without Cope Notes, we'd have a hole in our services, plain and simple. Without Cope Notes, we wouldn't be as whole as we are today." - Ryan Hoskins, One Community Now


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