Q: Which multi-rater assessment should I use to meet credentialing requirements?

A: You must choose from this list of preapproved multi-rater assessment tools, which are designed to assess the ICMA Practices for Effective Local Government Leadership. Please be aware that the list of preapproved assessments is not an indication of endorsement by ICMA. They are simply a list of assessments that have received approval as meeting the credentialing multi-rater requirement based on the ICMA Practices.

Q: Do I have to use one of the pre-approved multi-rater assessments?

A: It is recommended, however, the Credentialing Advisory Board will accept requests from organizations wishing to have their multi-rater tools added to the pre-approved list for review. These requests should be submitted to credentialing@icma.org , and the requests will be reviewed twice a year. Deadline for submissions is the first Monday in June and the first Monday in December; please allow 90 days following the submission deadline for an e-mail response.  Requests must include a sample of the tool and the tool MUST meet the following criteria:

1) Ability to allow the customer to request feedback from multiple reviewers
2) Address most of the Practices for Effective Government Leadership

Q: Are these assessments the same as a performance evaluation?

A: No. These assessments are professional development planning tools designed to help you identify professional strengths and developmental needs. They should not be used as substitutes for a performance evaluation, which measures progress against organizational goals.

Q: What are the benefits?

A: A multi-rater assessment gives you important feedback that helps to focus your professional development efforts. The feedback tells how others perceive your performance so that you can maintain strength in areas that are already strong and design a professional development plan for areas in need of improvement. The assessment process can lead to better communication between you and your respondents.

Q: How do the assessments relate to ICMA’s Voluntary Credentialing Program?

A: To maintain the ICMA credential, you must complete a multi-rater assessment within the first five years of being in the program. If you cannot complete a multi-rater assessment for political or financial reasons, contact credentialing@icma.org. The Credentialing Advisory Board will work with you to devise another method of external feedback.

Q: Does the process of taking a multi-rater assessment and gaining feedback count toward the 40-hour annual professional development requirement?

A: The initial multi-rater assessment (taken within your first five years in the program) does not count toward the 40 hours; rather, it is an assessment designed to allow you to “update” your professional development needs in regard to the Voluntary Credentialing Program or your own, personal professional development plan. After your first multi-rater assessment, you may voluntarily take a multi-rater assessment at different times throughout your career. If you choose to do so, that could qualify as a professional development activity and count towards the required 40 hours to maintain the credential. You could get up to 10 hours for completing the assessment by doing the following:

  • Completing one of the pre-approved assessments and receiving results
  • Reporting completion of the assessment in the online annual report renewal
  • Providing a narrative on how the results of the assessment will be used

Q: Why does the ICMA Voluntary Credentialing Program require participants to complete a multi-rater assessment?

A: A multi-rater assessment provides multiple perspectives on your professional strengths and areas for improvement. The Management Assessment (formerly Applied Knowledge Assessment), which you took before applying for the credentialing program, is a useful start, but it does not incorporate any feedback from others. If you cannot complete a multi-rater assessment for political or financial reasons, contact credentialing@icma.org. The Credentialing Advisory Board will work with you to devise another method of external feedback. The multi-rater assessment requirement is waived for Retired Credentialed Managers and can be postponed, upon request, for ICMA Members in Transition.

Q: Who should my respondents be?

A: Respondents may include anyone whose perceptions of your work are important to you (e.g., elected officials, staff). Additionally, you must designate your supervisor as one of the respondents (if you have one), and you must complete a self-assessment.

Q: How do I explain to my respondents what this is all about?

A: ICMA has developed a model communication that you can adapt to help your respondents understand the assessment you have chosen. The communication explains that the assessment is designed to gather feedback that will help you fulfill your ongoing commitment to professional development. It also explains what the respondents will be expected to do. As a courtesy, please contact your respondents before purchasing and initiating the assessment process.

Q: How much do the multi-rater assessments cost?

A: The cost of the assessment varies depending on the tool chosen.

Q: How long does it take to complete a multi-rater assessent?

A: The completion time of the assessment varies depending on the tool chosen.

Q: How do I report completion of the multi-rater assessment requirement?

A: Once you have completed the requirement, send an email to credentialing@icma.org with the name of the tool, the roles of the respondents  (e.g., elected officials, staff) and the completion date.