City-County Management Senior Fellowship Program

The (CMSFP) is a tailorable program designed to enable Army participants to gain a better understanding of city/county management.

Many military installations operate as small towns or cities with many of the same challenges and opportunities as their civilian counterparts. ICMA is partnering with the Department of Defense to prepare individuals to manage military installations through a city-county management Fellowship.

The (CMSFP) is a tailorable program designed to enable Army participants to:

  • Gain a better understanding of city/county management;
  • Enable creation of enduring professional relationships with the leadership of a city or county;
  • Collaborate with other senior professionals to exchange ideas and to discuss shared challenges, successes, and opportunities;
  • Leverage resources of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) such as certificate programs and one-on-one coaching; and share the Army’s story with colleagues outside the Department of Defense.

Members interested in hosting a Fellow from the Army should contact Rob Carty at

The Fellowship

The CMSFP is a one-week (5-day), on-the-ground “shadowing” experience working with a city or county manager and his or her senior leaders. The experience will vary slightly based on the location, but generally each experience will include:

  • Welcome meetings, city tour, lunch and discussion with elected officials and senior management.
  • Observation of community forums, seminars, and recognition ceremonies.
  • Tours of airports, water and wastewater management facilities, emergency operations centers, police rides or station tours, parks and recreation facilities, administration facilities (city, town, or county hall), fleet management, public works, engineering and capital projects, or other related facilities.
  • Sessions on community engagement, strategic planning, community partnerships, empowering staff, resiliency, management techniques, managing policy and administration are encouraged based on pilot experience after-action recommendations.

Included with the Fellowship are the following additional resources:

  • ICMA’s Applied Knowledge Assessment;
  • ICMA Membership (including all member resources);
  • ICMA Annual Conference registration;
  • Discussion group at for Fellowship participants, alumni, and select ICMA members;
  • Partnered with a coach/mentor for as-needed follow-up throughout the year;
  • Pre- and post-Fellowship orientation, Fellowship planning, discussion, and evaluation in Washington, D.C. (May), and at the ICMA annual conference (September or October);
  • Quarterly idea exchange with Fellows and coaches.

Program Details

Eligibility: GS-14 to GS-15 (and equivalents on other pay plans, e.g. NF and GG) serving in deputy to installation commander and deputy depot commander or similar positions, including those who have served in such positions previously and those who possess potential to serve in such positions in the near future. COL and LTCOL installation and deputy installation commanders are also welcome, pending support and staff availability.

Access: Program and additional educational products are acquired through GoArmyEd.

Competencies Addressed: Varies based on individual’s fellowship.

May assist in development of Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs): 1-Leading Change, 2-Leading People, 3-Results Driven, 4-Business Acumen, and 5-Building Coalitions

Length: varies

Vendor/school: ICMA (International City/County Management Association);

Location: Varies

Note: The activities and experiences provided by the fellowship program fulfill some of the requirements to earn the ICMA Credentialed Manager designation.

Cost: $5,000 tuition per Fellow; travel, accommodation, and per diem to be coordinated directly by participating Fellows. Fellows may bring multiple participants to the week-long site visit, but individual member benefits are conferred to the primary program Fellow.