By Sherie Sanders, information curator, eCivis

Like anything new, grant writing can be daunting at first.  Many municipal employees are expected to write grants without any formalized training at all.  Here are links to three articles for beginners that provide some basic tips to help you find your compass and move forward.

Grant Basics: Competitive, Formula and Continuation Applications

Need to familiarize yourself with the different types of grants?  This article will help you distinguish between the three categories listed in the title.

What Grant Makers Are Asking When Reviewing Grant Proposals

Often new grant writers are so focused on completing the perfect proposal they forget the most important part - understanding the funders' perspective.  The above article "easedrops" on funders to let you know what they are thinking.

Grant Writing Q & A

Still, have questions?  In this post, Beverly Browning addresses almost everything you wanted to know about overcoming grant writer paralysis but was afraid (or didn't know who) to ask!


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