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The Solar@Scale guidebook has been widely recognized as a valuable resource for organizations seeking to scale up solar energy deployment. The guidebook provides practical guidance on developing and implementing solar energy projects, covering everything from project design to financing and operations. Now, the second edition of the Solar@Scale guidebook has been released, providing even more comprehensive and up-to-date information for organizations looking to accelerate their transition to renewable energy. 

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Solar energy is one of the fastest-growing sources of renewable energy globally, but scaling up solar deployment can be challenging, particularly for organizations that are new to the field. The second edition of the Solar@Scale guidebook is an essential resource for organizations seeking to scale up their solar energy deployment. With expanded coverage of financing options, case studies of successful projects, and updated guidance on policy and regulatory issues, the guidebook provides a comprehensive and up-to-date resource for project developers, investors, and policymakers. By leveraging the insights and best practices contained in the guidebook, organizations can accelerate their transition to renewable energy and help build a more sustainable future for all.

What's New in the Second Edition

The newly released second edition of the Solar@Scale guidebook has sharpened the focus on the critical role local governments play in large-scale solar development and includes several new features and updates that make it an even more valuable resource for organizations seeking to scale up their solar energy deployment. Key updates include:

  • Expanded coverage of potential local benefits and tradeoffs associated with large-scale solar development.
  • New examples of local policies and projects.
  • References to dozens of new resources designed to help local officials take specific actions.
  • Updated facts and figures that capture evolving market conditions and projected future demand.  

Free Hands-on Workshops

To help local officials further their understanding of large-scale solar, ICMA is conducting a series of half-day hands-on workshops based on the Solar@Scale guidebook:

  • Free training customized to your interests, issues, and specific situation.
  • Educators leading the workshop are experienced in both the science and how solar projects fit in with such local government concerns as permitting.
  • All materials included.
  • Option for remote access.

No-cost in-person workshops only require meeting space, outreach to your staff and others interested in attending, and light coordination on logistics.

Request More Information or email Scott Annis at or Gabriel Rusk at for details.



Learn how to plan and update code for solar projects from Charlie Nichols, director of planning & development, Linn County, Iowa.

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