Local Gov Life: Podcast Episode 1-Community and Organizational Volunteerism

Episode 1 takes an in-depth look at volunteering and how communities attract and manage volunteers.

Jun 27, 2016 | BLOG POST
Local Gov Life is a mix of stories, insights, and advice from local government leaders. Host Rob Carty, ICMA director, Career Services and Next Generation Initiatives, will provide the narrative that guides you through each episode. 

Episode 1 takes an in-depth look at volunteering and how communities attract and manage volunteers.

edThe inspiration for episode 1 comes from Edward Lavallee, city manager, Venice, Florida, and the June 2016 Public Management (PM) magazine feature story Having the Best Time: How Venice, Florida, Plans and Hosts Special Events. He discusses how communities can benefit multiple ways from a robust volunteer program and events.




JohnJohn Stephens, associate professor of public administration and government at the University of North Carolina, explains how as a volunteer he’s impacted his community. Stephens volunteered for Durham, North Carolina, as part of a local group, Code for Durham, to assist in creating civic technology. You can learn more about skilled civic tech volunteers by reading Stephens’s May 2015 PM story.




patti In the next segment Patricia Stevens, executive director of the Office of Public Private Partnerships (OP3), explains how Fairfax County, Virginia developed an enterprise volunteer management system to help attract volunteers and coordinate volunteer efforts in the county. 



BryanIn the closing segment, City Manager Bryan Montgomery, Oakley, California, tells the story about how he got involved in volunteering for an ICMA project in Mexico. Bryan explains how volunteering his time has not only impacted local government in Mexico but how it has impacted him personally and professionally. Learn more about his award-winning volunteer efforts here

You can download the podcast here. Be sure to subscribe to listen to upcoming episodes. Let us know what you think about episode 1 by commenting below or sharing your thoughts on social media using the #LocalGovLife.



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