ICMA Wins Corporate Culture Award

ICMA's staff culture reflects the values of the entire membership

BLOG POST | Feb 8, 2018
photo of ICMA staff celebrating International Women's Day
A recent photo of ICMA staff celebrating International Women's Day

CEOReport has selected ICMA as a Winner of the 2018 Washington, DC Corporate Culture Award The application provided ICMA an opportunity to highlight the organization's culture, sharing how employees genuinely believe in and support the mission and take part in strategic conversations. The application also highlighted the focus on staff professional development and career advancement; flexible schedules that allow for better work/life balance; and ICMA's benefits and wellness programs. 

CEOReport shared that ICMA was chosen, in part, because of its flexible scheduling, stating that “ICMA understands and has not only adapted but accepted the fact that today’s society no longer means working in a small cubicle five days per week for 40+ hours per week.  Due to technological advances, employees can work from numerous remote locations and still get the job done. They also understand the importance of family when expected or unexpected events come up, and they respect their employees and work with them to create a schedule and plan to accomplish everything they need to do for that day of work.”  CEOReport further cited ICMA’s benefits, specifically its generous retirement benefits as well as its wellness programs, as influencing their decision. 

ICMA Executive Director Marc Ott said, "we share this special recognition with our members, local government professionals who hold values similar to those recognized by the CEOReport Corporate Culture Awards. We are striving to be the best association-based organization in the world and it's great to be recognized for the culture we are creating." 



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