The Economic Development Adventure of a Lifetime

ICMA Member Kathy Dodson reflects on her volunteer assignment in Tanzania.

Jul 25, 2017 | BLOG POST
Sailboat and sea in Zanzibar

By Barbara Moore, Outreach Project Manager, ICMA

I was hooked when I started reading this article by ICMA member Kathy Dodson:

“I just finished the economic development adventure of a lifetime. . . . I spent six weeks in Zanzibar, Tanzania, helping the local chamber of commerce as it strives to partner with government to improve the business climate.”

Kathy recently returned from a six-week stint as a volunteer for the USAID-funded Enabling Growth Through Investment and Enterprise (ENGINE) program implemented by ICMA. In her recap, she shares observations about the economic context and challenges, the cultural and religious landscape, and opportunities for educational tourism.

Read her first-hand account here.


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