Donors honored for commitment to profession

Sep 29, 2015 | BLOG POST

A group of 160 contributors to Life, Well Run and the Fund for Professional Management gathered this morning for a heartfelt thank you. Representatives from ICMA-RC, a corporate sponsor of Life, Well Run, also attended the breakfast. 

Alexander Vazquez, a second year MPA student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shared the winning video which he helped produce. You can find it here if you haven't seen it. As Alex put it, "we didn’t know how many students we’d be able to bring to this year’s conference. As a result of your support, our chapter was able to bring three students to this year’s conference, giving them the opportunity to continue learning from and networking with people like you....your generosity will continue to educate and inspire future generations of local government leaders!"

Kevin Duggan, ICMA director for the western region, described the work of the fund in Sacramento in retaining the Council-Manager form of government. Doug Schulze, Bainbridge Island City Manager and donor since 2011 and Bob Fortner, described how they worked with ICMA to help successfully move Bainbridge Island to the Council-Manager form of government and were able to turnaround a financial slide.  

Finally, Rebecca Fleury, City Manager of Battle Creek, MI talked about how she has incorporated Life, Well Run materials and videos into her presentations and into a graduate level curriculum she has developed for her students. 

Your contributions can be made online and we'll look for you at next year's donor recognition event in Kansas City. 



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