The Equality of Opportunity Project, led by Harvard and Stanford economist Raj Chetty, looks to answer some fundamental questions on economic inequality by using “big data.” During project research, Chetty and his team discovered that where a person lives has a great impact on how well that person does economically.

What do the communities that foster economic mobility have in common? Forbes contributor John Wasik looked at the list Chetty formed and discovered that most of these communities have three common characteristics:

  1. A high amount of diversity/low amount of segregation.
  2. Family structure.
  3. Social capital is Important.

In this post, I want to showcase Knowledge Network resources that can help managers promote diversity and inclusion within their communities. 

Our Changing Demographics: How Diversity Is Evolving in Our Communities

Aid Hurtado, professor of Chicano and Latino studies for the University of Santa Barbara, made a presentation at ICMA’s 2015 Annual Conference on how communities are changing demographically and concluded with 6 tips on how to embrace the changes. Download the presentation

Behind the Times: The Limited Role of Minorities in the Greater Pittsburgh Workforce

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Regional Workforce Diversity Indicators Initiative recently completed a study that showed the southwestern Pennsylvania workforce is lacking in diversity. The study showed that collaborating with local organizations is one good way to understand a community’s characteristics and what can be done to address these issues. Download the report

Sample: City of Boston 2015 Workforce Report

Jay Covington, chief administrative officer, Renton, Washington, stated that Renton’s first step in creating a more inclusive city was reflecting on staff demographics and making changes internally.  Boston, Massachusetts, took a proactive approach by examining Boston’s workforce and using the discoveries in succession planning for its aging workforce.  Download the report

2015 Age-Friendly Report: Inspiring Communities

Aging is sometimes overlooked in diversity and inclusion initiatives. The Inspiring Communities report from AARP features 16 communities that are striving to become more. Discover their “good practices”.


Discover more resources on Diversity & Inclusion and Community Diversity by visiting the topic pages.


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