Community Engagement Success Stories

How local governments are connecting with their residents to improve their communities.

By Niles Anderegg | Aug 2, 2017 | BLOG POST
Community Engagement Photo

An important part of the work of local government is community engagement. Local governments are reaching out to their communities to find solutions to the challenges they face. Life, Well Run an initiative of ICMA has highlighted a few of these community engagement success stories in a recent blog post. Below is an excerpt from that whole blog.

“In Decatur, Georgia, we see the impact of citizen engagement to transform an economically struggling city into a national model for active living and sustainability. When faced with an uncertain future, city leaders turned to their citizens and together developed three master plans that provided guidance and continue to generate success. Citizens expressed their desire for a more walkable community, and city leaders understood the value of a downtown that was accessible and could be enjoyed by all. By seeking and responding to public feedback through strategic investments in pedestrian infrastructure the city ushered in a new era of economic growth while simultaneously improving public health.”



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