Bonn Congress 2015

Jul 6, 2015 | BLOG POST

Getting my Ugu municipality (SA) to sign up to the DAC as well as become a member of the CKZNCCC was one of the best advices I ever gave my organisation. The benefits that we reap from the ICCCAD training was first. The Bonn Congress re-emphasised the importance of the international and local networks that the 2015 ICCCAD training was about. My mind was refreshed to a level that I cannot describe. Hardly a day passes without me thinking of what I can do to make myself and my organisation participation better in the existing networks, or creating small local ones where possible and necessary in order to advance and improve the adapation work that we all aspire to do. Working closely with Ethekwini Municipality (City of Durban) will make a lot of things possible or at least enhance technical capacity to think about them. The benefits that we anticipate from the likes of UCCRN are beyond measure. Not to mention interacting with Susie, Tony, Sean and many others is very enriching. Thanks for the opportunity to make me present at the 2015 Congress. Thanks ICMA.


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