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WASHINGTON, D.C.—Through a mix of stories, insights, and advice from municipal and county government leaders and experts, Local Gov Life highlights successful programs and projects that enhance the quality of life in our communities. The new podcast series is produced by ICMA, the International City/County Management Association.

Local Gov Life offers another way to tell the remarkable stories of what works best in local government today,” said ICMA Executive Director and veteran professional manager Robert J. O’Neill, Jr. “Local governments increasingly are being asked to do more with less and that requires them to look for innovative approaches to service delivery. Local Gov Life showcases the creative approaches communities are using to deliver services while reminding us of the importance of looking beyond the job and maintaining a sense of humor in the face of these challenges.”

The Local Gov Life podcast series includes:

  • Episode 1: Community and Organizational Volunteerism—takes an in-depth look at volunteering and how communities attract and manage volunteers. Features: Edward Lavallee, city manager, Venice, Florida; John Stephens, associate professor of public administration & government, University of North Carolina (who volunteered for Durham, North Carolina); Patricia Stevens, executive director, Office of Public Private Partnerships, Fairfax County, Virginia; and Bryan Montgomery, city manager, Oakley, California.
  • Episode 2: Go Ahead-Laugh—explores the notion of humor in the workplace and how local government managers can use laugher and fun as effective leadership tools. Features: Patrick Malone, Ph.D., director, Key Executive Leadership Program, American University, Washington, D.C., and author of the July 2016 Public Management (PM) magazine feature story “Go Ahead, Laugh! Why Humor Makes for a Better Workplace”; Opal D. Mauldin-Robertson, city manager, Lancaster, Texas; and James Bennett, city manager, Biddeford, Maine.
  • Episode 3: Reinvigorating Downtown—examines the downtown initiatives of three communities and some of the business and economic development tools local leaders and staff used to reinvigorate their downtown districts. Features: Wally Bobkiewicz, city manager, and Damir Latinovic, neighborhood and land use planner, Evanston, Illinois; David Rauch, business analyst, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; and Peggy Merriss, city manager, Decatur, Georgia.

Each Local Gov Life episode features a changing cast of local government experts from public and private sector backgrounds who together encompass years of experience in getting things done and achieving results. The series is hosted by Rob Carty (@RobCarty), director of ICMA’s Career Services and Next Generation Initiatives, who guides listeners through each episode. 

October’s podcast will focus on how local governments are coping with the devastating opioid epidemic.  

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