What Is Your Favorite Part of the Community That You Manage?

We asked our Members to share their favorite part of the community they manage.

By Sherilyn Lombos, William (Bill) Ebel, Kristi Luger, ICMA-CM | Apr 15, 2015 | ARTICLE
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Sherilyn Lombos, ICMA-CM

City Manager

Tualatin, Oregon



It is hard to narrow down the list of my favorite parts of the community that I manage. I certainly love our library. Several years ago we rebuilt the library, almost doubling its size and adding amenities that make it an inviting living room-type space with a fireplace, unique art, and interactive features.

I also love our parks. We have invested heavily in the city’s parks; they are beautiful, inviting, and highly used. One in particular—Ibach Park—has a fun and distinctive climbing structure in the shape of a mastodon rib cage. It also has extensive trails, where I have jogged out many a day’s stress while my kids played lacrosse on the sports fields.

And I love the people—the high-caliber staff who work for the organization and the good folks who live, work, play, and visit here. They make managing this community a fulfilling and worthwhile job.




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William (Bill) Ebel

City Manager

Overland Park, Kansas



This is a great question because we have a vibrant and wonderful community with so many exciting things going on right now. If I had to just pick one part, my favorite would have to be all the employees and the staff of our city organization.

I am convinced we have some of the best public service employees in the country. Every day I am amazed at the dedication, professionalism, and public service commitment that they display while doing their jobs. The best part of each and every day is if I get to spend some time with any of the employees while they are out in the community assisting residents, visitors, and businesses, or if they are within our organization helping each other with whatever issue they may have.

In fact, if for some chance I do not get an opportunity to speak with any of them, my day is somewhat empty. I draw my energy from them, and they inspire me to be the best leader I can for this community and for them.



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Kristi Luger, ICMA-CM

City Manager

Excelsior, Minnesota



Excelsior is a small community with a historic downtown that attracts a lot of tourists. I love the variety of my work and the unique challenges that come with balancing our small-town quality of life with the tourism that is such a big part of our history.

It is rewarding to see the downtown filled with visitors, to hear the sounds of our historic streetcar and steamboat, and to see our population swell from 2,100 people to 10,000 people right before the fireworks on the Fourth of July.

I am absolutely amazed at the array of proposals that come our way because of our tourism draw. We often find ourselves saying “Only in Excelsior!”, and I love that.


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