Photos of Matt Mueller and Brett Channing

ICMA asked U.S. state association ethics committee chairs about the ICMA Code of Ethics. State associations are critically important partners with ICMA in promoting ethics in the local government management profession.

Matt Mueller, ICMA-CM

Town Manager, Little Elm, Texas Chair, Texas City Management Association Ethics Committee

ICMA member since 2001

“The council-manager form of government was founded by challenging the status quo and rebelling against the corrupt and unfair practices of the time. As local government professionals today, we provide the frontline services that our stakeholders need to live safe and fulfilling lives. For 100 years, the ICMA Code of Ethics has been the promise that we will administer those services in a professional and fair way to all stakeholders. It serves as an invaluable tool to communicate with elected officials and members of the public, as well as my team, so they understand where my values lie and what I use as a framework for evaluating difficult decisions.”

Brett Channing

Assistant City Manager, Corona, California Co-chair, Cal-ICMA Ethics Committee

ICMA member since 2008

“I first learned about the ICMA Code of Ethics when I joined ICMA as a graduate student. As I have moved up the ladder in my career, I have continued to refer to it when encountering ethically challenging situations. To me, the Code really helps my faith in the council-manager form of government, simply in knowing that my colleagues around the world are also abiding by the same Code. It helps garner trust from the communities and councils we serve, and it demonstrates that we have our core values clear. The Code has guided our profession for the last 100 years and, as a result of that, I couldn’t be more proud to be part of this profession.”


In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the ICMA Code of Ethics, ICMA invites members to reflect on how the Code has influenced them personally and professionally. Your association wants to hear from you! Share your story here.


ICMA encourages members seeking confidential advice on ethics issues to contact Jessica Cowles, ethics director, at or 202-962-3513. Answers to common ethics issues and questions are also available here.

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