INSIGHTS: We Asked Our Readers about the ICMA Code of Ethics

What does the ICMA Code of Ethics mean to you? How has the Code been valuable to your career? [PM Magazine, March 2020]

Mar 1, 2020 | ARTICLE

Jeffrey Stonehill, ICMA-CM

Borough Manager, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

ICMA member since 1995

“It’s the backbone of what makes us special. I’ve been proud to include the ICMA Code of Ethics in all my conversations with my governing body, with my citizens, just letting people know that this is an important part of who I am. It’s fundamental to my profession; it’s fundamental to me as a professional. And I think that people knowing that I want to abide by the Code of Ethics, that I want to remain a credentialed manager, separates us from other professions that haven’t made that commitment. It’s something of pride we can really talk about. In an era when people are skeptical about government, it really sets us apart.”


Laura Allen, CPFO, ICMA-CM

City Treasurer, Greenbelt, Maryland

ICMA member since 2004

“Ethics to me means doing the right thing all the time. And I’m guided by the ICMA Code of Ethics. It guides the work that I do as I interact with my elected officials and as I interact with my community. I’ve attached it to my contract, and it’s a great way for me to ensure that the council and I are pursuing and following through on the values that it holds and supporting the values of our community.”


Scott Andrews, EdD

City Manager, Covington, Georgia

ICMA member since 2007

“The Code of Ethics is pivotal for my success as a city manager. It serves as my moral and legal compass. Ultimately, it is the foundation for my personal brand and sets the tone for the culture throughout the organization.”


Bristol Ellington, ICMA-CM

Chief Operating Officer/Deputy City Manager, Henderson, Nevada

ICMA member since 2007

“Ethics is the cornerstone of our organization. It’s important that our employees are respectful, honest, and have integrity. To me, ethics is what you do when no one is watching. And so for us, at the city of Henderson, we have the expectation that people are going to be ethical, professional, and have integrity.”


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