Three weeks away from your busy day-to-day tasks, ongoing projects, staff, city council, and family. And "why?" you may ask. The establishment of a new ecosystem that includes individuals from various backgrounds, talents, skills, hobbies, value systems, beliefs, and geographic locations that will contribute to your personal and professional development. 

The Harvard Senior Executives in State and Local Government Program will have an impact that goes beyond a single theory, model or strategy to improve your organization. As individuals exercising leadership in local government, we must have the ability to make sound decisions and to balance and manage complex budgets, processes, and projects. We need to be able to work with all levels of our organization, the community, our strategic partners, vendors, and one another. 

Have you ever challenged your own assumptions of why you serve? Are you really serving? Is failure really an option for you? Do you really know what you care about, and how do you know? There are so many questions and conversations that are included in every reading, class discussion, and activity. Designed to expand our thinking, the program covered subjects ranging from religion and politics, to the formation of this great country.

I left Lancaster, Texas, for Cambridge, Massachusetts, extremely confident in why I was attending the program, and what I expected to gain and bring back to my organization. I returned with so much more. Beyond the newly formed relationships, friendships, and connections, I found my voice. There are numerous models, theories, and practical tools that improved my technical knowledge and skills and will serve me well in my responsibility and role as a leader. Equally important, though, was the time, space, environment, and individuals in the program that provided me with important feedback, conversations, and experiences. The experience allowed for the continued growth in my journey of service to my community, my council, my team, my family, and my faith.

I encourage you to take the journey. Apply for the program; it will be an added value for you both professionally and personally. Thank you to the Harvard Kennedy School faculty and staff. I would like to express a special thank you to the ICMA Scholarship Committee for selecting my application and to eCIVIS and The Ferguson Group for their sponsorship of the program.

Editor's note:  ICMA has secured scholarship funding for the program in 2019.  Applications will be accepted beginning December 3, 2018.


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