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Nov 25, 2019 | ARTICLE

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    Members to Vote on Inclusion Amendments in January 2020

    Since the 1970s, ICMA’s leadership has been wrestling with ways of improving the diversity and inclusivity of our association, particularly in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, and age. This ongoing focus is reflective of changing demographics and the desire to serve the needs of those who are local government leaders and those who aspire to leadership roles in local government.

    Beginning January 10, 2020, ICMA Members eligible to vote, will have the opportunity to propel ICMA forward, by casting their ballot on four amendments to the ICMA Constitution, that focus on ways to improve the diversity and inclusion of the membership and leadership of the association. The ballot initiatives focus on: Voting Rights; Executive Board Diversity, Regional Nominating Committees and an Implementation to amend the Constitution. These measures would allow affiliate members in service to local governments for five years, and ICMA members for five years, to more fully participate in the association. A website has been developed with everything you need to know to inform yourself about these initiatives. 

    Also, check out the testimonials in support of this initiative about why voting “yes” matters. The website also includes an FAQ with answers to the most frequently asked questions. Additional questions should be submitted via the comment form on that page. We will provide answers on the FAQ site. You can also read more about these groundbreaking initiatives, in the article that appeared in the November 19 issue of Leadership Matters.


    Seeking Coaches for Relaunch of CoachConnect 

    ICMA is set to launch the new platform for one of our hallmark next generation programs, CoachConnect! We are currently seeking coaches to be onboarded to our new platform. By serving as a coach, you can help the next generation of local government leaders chart a path in city or county leadership and guide them through difficult career questions. Coaching offers value for people at any stage in their careers by providing coachees with the opportunity to see their situation and opportunities from a fresh perspective. Learn more and sign up to coach today! Questions? Email


    Submit Your Presentation Idea for the 2020 ICMA Annual Conference

    Have you successfully managed a wicked challenge within your local government? Do you have a case study or real-world example you are ready to showcase to help other local government leaders make an impact in their communities? Then you are invited to propose ideas through the 2020 ICMA Annual Conference Call for Presentations. The 2020 Annual Conference will be September 23-26 in Toronto. Submissions are due December 2Learn more and submit your presentation today! 


    Accepting Applications for the Veteran’s Local Government Management Fellowship  

    ICMA offers the Veteran’s Local Government Fellowship, (VLGMF), a program for transitioning service members. The VLGMF program provides transitioning service members with management training and hands-on experience in the local government environment with the goal of preparing them for a career in local government. Visit the website for program details. Application deadline: December 6, 2019. Questions? Contact


    Join us at the National Brownfields Training Conference  

    The National Brownfields Training Conference will take place December 10-13, 2019, in Los Angeles, CA. The conference is the largest gathering of stakeholders focused on cleaning up and reusing formerly utilized commercial and industrial properties. If you are in the brownfields industry or are part of a locale with a brownfields site, and you are looking to revitalize your community, spur economic growth, restore the environment, and protect the public health, then don’t missBrownfields 2019Learn more and register today


    2020 Local Government Management Fellowship Application 

    Become a Fellow, Host a Fellow  

    The Local Government Management Fellowship (LGMF) is a career-development opportunity designed to attract recent MPA/MPP (or related programs) graduates to be placed in full-time management-track local government positions. Finalists are selected based on academic performance, demonstrated leadership potential, commitment to public service, communication skills, initiative, creativity, and positive attitude. If you are interested in hosting a Fellow or have a recommendation, contact If you have academic connections or work with MPA/MPP students, please let them know about the program! For more information, please Questions? Email


    Save the Date! 2020 Regional Conferences 

    ICMA’s Regional Conferences are a celebration of the amazing things taking place in our communities around the world. This year the mission is to create unique opportunities for you to meet and share stories, learn new skills, and experience some place new. You’ll leave feeling a deeper connection to your local government peers and inspired by the connections made and communities built. Save the date on your calendar! Registration is opening soon.


    ICMA Gettysburg Leadership Institute 2020 Spring Applications Now Open   

    ICMA Gettysburg Leadership Institute studies the strategic actions and inactions that changed the fate of the United States of America. The three-day leadership will take place May 13-15, 2020. Led by Sue Boardman, a passionate civil war expert in every sense of the word, we engage in a discussion of what happened and what may still be happening today from a leadership perspective. The program now accepts teams and individuals in leadership positions without the requirement to be senior credentialed managers. The deadline to apply is March 6, 2020Apply Now! Questions? Email Nedra James at



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