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ASPA recognizes two ICMA members for ethics and integrity.

Mar 19, 2019 | ARTICLE

ASPA Recognizes Two ICMA Members for Ethics and Integrity

Two ICMA members were recognized for “exemplary ethics and integrity in public service” at the American Society of Public Administration Conference on March 8: Rene Bobadilla, assistant city manager, Commerce, California, and Elizabeth Kellar, director of public policy, ICMA.

Bobadilla was recognized for his ethical conduct in the face of improper pressure from elected officials to terminate a major contract without cause while he served as city manager of Pico Rivera, California. Because he refused to terminate the contract without cause, Bobadilla had to submit his resignation.

Kellar’s experience as ICMA’s ethics advisor for 25 years, service on the Montgomery County, Maryland, Ethics Commission, as well as her leadership in developing ethics training programs and books on ethics were recognized.



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