Student Spotlight: Sangita Akter

Sangita Akter serves as the vice president of the ICMA Student Chapter at North South University in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

May 8, 2019 | ARTICLE

Sangita Akter serves as the vice president of the ICMA Student Chapter at North South University (NSU) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where she is a fourth year marketing and human resource management major. Throughout her studies, Sangita has gathered a wealth of experience in media management and outreach, and has developed a passion for facilitating collaboration among different types of organizations. She hopes to further explore that passion in a position at the Municipal Association of Bangladesh.

Spotlight Q & A
  1. How do you know public service is for you?

If anyone wants to serve their country and its municipalities in Bangladesh, there is an immense opportunity in public service. I learned about public service by attaching myself to the Department of Political Science and Sociology at North South University, which organizes seminars on various topics, including the Bangladesh Civil Service Exam and the scope of local government in Bangladesh. Participation in these events has motivated me to pursue a career in public service.

  1. Biggest challenge in local government? What will be your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge in local government is corruption. Because local governments are more decentralized in Bangladesh, it is quite difficult to ensure accountability and efficiency. My biggest challenge will be instituting projects stipulating transparency in fund allocation.

  1. What have you gotten out of your ICMA student chapter membership?

The NSU ICMA Student Chapter has provided me with the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and experience by keeping me in touch with professionals, keynote speakers, and honorable guests who share their insights at chapter events. My membership has been a fascinating way to get involved with lucrative opportunities of ICMA. I got to work with a research team at Yunnan University, Kunming, China and survey 1,169 employees in China-Bangladesh companies to understand the working environment and culture of overseas companies. Moreover, I met a number of enthusiastic members who assist me in my activities and help me grow professionally. It is, indeed, more than a student chapter. It is my second family at North South University. 


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