Local governments are expected to use smart, new technology to deliver services these days. To help management colleagues with the technology information they need to enhance quality of life, members of ICMA’s Smart Communities Advisory Board (Amy Ahner, director of administrative services, Glenview, Illinois, chair) prepared content for a special June issue of Public Management (PM) magazine, which is devoted to the smart community. Six articles in the issue include:

Make Way for Smart Communities

Smart City Solutions

Making Space for Smart Innovation

Smart City Infrastructure

Focusing on Innovation

Tech Talent

Ranging from how to develop smart systems to hiring tech-savvy professionals, the articles include specifics on how to assess needs and the value of an innovation plan, while still focusing on delivering the best services to residents. The On Point department describes the top technology purchases that ICMA members have on their shopping lists for work.

All articles show important steps on the journey to developing an innovative local government culture.

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