ICMA launches its fifth special section of LGR: Local Government Review in the March 2019 issue of Public Management (PM) magazine. This three-article issue is filled with key research findings and expert insights on local government issues and trends:

1. Meeting Service Needs with Tight Resources

Local governments are challenged by fiscal stress to become both more efficient and effective while responding to growing community needs. How is a local government manager supposed to meet growing service needs with flat or declining resources? This article shares findings from ICMA's 2017 Alternative Service Delivery survey and explores local responses in terms of service delivery methods, revenue sources, and community development. It finds local government managers use these three tools to craft a pragmatic response to changing needs and fiscal stress. Inside the article you'll also find:

  • New trends in private contracting.
  • Privatization reversals.
  • Revenue strategies.
  • Community development responses.

2. Developing Local Cannabis Regulation

A massive shift in cannabis policy at the state level is forcing local governments to confront cannabis regulation. To assist local governments in approaching this issue, ICMA recently released Local Impacts of Commercial Cannabis, a report on cannabis’ potential economic development, public health, public safety, and environmental implications. In developing this report, ICMA interviewed chief administrative officers and staff from 14 local governments that have taken steps to facilitate newly legal commercial cannabis activity within their communities. The article summarizes key lessons learned from their processes, motivations, expected and unexpected challenges, and early impacts as the industry has taken root. 

3. Building Public Trust: What Local Government Organizations Are Doing to Achieve It

Developing and supporting ethical professionals on their journey to create and lead ethical organizations has been an integral part of ICMA’s mission since the Code of Ethics was written 95 years ago. In 2018, ICMA partnered with Sacramento State University in the “Ethics in Local Government Survey” to learn more about the current status of ethics standards, policies, and training in local government. This article discusses the 2018 survey’s findings, including:

  • Organizational code of ethics.
  • Ethical standards addressed in an organization's code.
  • Training on the code.
  • Recruiting ethical talent.
  • Advice and enforcement.
  • Reinforcing the values.

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