Shanette Brown is the property standards manager for the city of Plano, Texas, and has been an ICMA member since 2008. She began serving the city of Plano as a community development coordinator in 2007, then served as senior community development coordinator in 2010, and assumed her current position in 2011.

Brown holds two degrees:  a master’s degree in public service and administration from the George Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M, and a bachelor of arts degree in anthropology and ethnic studies for the University of Texas at Austin.

She attended her first ICMA conference in 2008 as a recipient of a Workplace Diversity Scholarship. Brown served on ICMA’s Annual Scholarship Review Committee in 2009 and completed ICMA’s Emerging Leaders Development Program (ELDP) in May 2011.

“One issue that ICMA members continue to face is maintaining and improving service levels in a challenging fiscal environment. Challenges produce opportunities to become innovative and reevaluate ‘what you do’ and ‘why you do it.’ The fiscal reality that began in 2008 has allowed municipalities to review, revamp, and in many instances, reinvent the manner in which day-to-day operations are conducted. It is through organizations, such as ICMA, that dialogue regarding these issues can take place and solutions can be found.”

When asked how ICMA membership made a difference, Brown responded, “Participating in ICMA has aided in my professional growth. The tools I have acquired and the connections I have made from participating in ELDP and attending conferences continue to prove valuable in my career. Both professional development opportunities have helped in my current role as department manager, while igniting the passion that I have within me for public service.”

Brown went on to say, “It is imperative that the next generation of city managers is equipped to face the challenges and opportunities that come from our increasingly more diverse and social media savvy communities. Participation in ICMA prepares the ‘next generation,’ my generation,  to excel and effectively lead in our ever-changing communities. Recently, the city of Plano was named, ‘The Best Run City in America.’ I am proud to be a part of the ‘Best Run City in America.’ I believe that the support our leadership gives to ICMA by allowing employees like me to participate in ICMA activities, speaks to their desire to promote excellence within the organization through staff development.”