In the January/February PM magazine article “Envisioning the New Localism,” Bruce Katz, a leader of the Brooking Institution’s Project on 21st Century City Governance, writes that “We are moving fast from a federally dominated, policymaking world to a community-led, problem-solving reality.”

He goes on to share that local leaders are accumulating and using power through these nontraditional channels: growing local assets through innovation networks, creating coalitions to deliver solutions, and unlocking private, public, and philanthropic capital to reshape local economies.

In order to realize the full potential of New Localism and solving local issues, Katz urges managers to conduct a thorough community audit based on the principles of accountability, ingenuity, and continuity.

Find out more specifics on these audit principles, and in a separate article the forces that lead to urban success (Four Forces That Lead to Urban Success), in the combined January/February 2018 issue.