We are dismayed to witness the rise in violent attacks against the Asian-American Pacific Island (AAPI) community. ICMA is in solidarity with the AAPI community, our members, and LGHN, I-NAPA, and NFBPA, who stand together to push back on the rhetoric that is impacting the Asian community, as well as the Brown, Black, Indigenous and LGBTQ communities.

According to the organization Stop Asian American Pacific Island Hate, more than 2,800 incidents of AAPI hate, including 126 incidents against elder individuals (60+) have been recorded since March 2020 alone. As occurrences of racism continue to rise, ICMA would like to remind our members that we are here as a resource and offer a space to join in conversation with your local government peers. Members who want to discuss this and similar issues are encouraged to head to ICMA Connect and join the newly created group 'Member Resource Group: Community and Social Impact.'

There is power in being united, and we call on our local government leaders to leverage their power to act against racism in our communities.