Career Update

NACA 2015 Scholarship Recipient

Apr 25, 2017 | ARTICLE

In October, 2016, I began in my new position as Transit Commission Manager for Dunn County. For the two previous years, I worked for the county as the Strategic Planner. Working with twenty‐two department managers and twenty‐ nine elected officials, we were able to identify the county’s vision, mission, values and prioritize initiatives. This work also involved reviewing over one‐hundred and eighty county programs. Developing an overall process and strategic plan was both rewarding and successful. My position as Strategic Planner was as an ICMA Fellow.

Being hired as a full‐time county employee has been a wonderful transition. Having my own department and responsibilities for the budget and administrative work managing public transit is ideal. Developing and administering transit policies, procedures and conducting transit operations is both challenging and satisfying. Operations include: dispatching, scheduling, bus fleet maintenance, safety programs, driver training and certifications. Responsibilities involve developing and enforcing drug and alcohol programs in accordance with FTA requirements and assuring compliance with established statutes and requirements of regulatory agencies – WisDOT, FTA, Transit Commission and ADA is a major part of this position. Funding assistance is determined through writing and submitting appropriate applications reflecting operations and capital expenditures, followed by completing all reports as required by state and federal Department of Transportation programs.

Promoting our public transportation service is no small task and involves presentations, marketing, negotiating and monitoring agreements with family care providers.

I would have never guessed I would have landed here with my MPA degree in Public Management and Urban/ Regional Planning and Policy. However, I did my master’s research work on transportation funding and policy for the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries!

I would like to thank ICMA and NACA for their support during the two years of my fellowship. I could not have done it without their assistance, conferences, networking, training and mentorship. My gratitude for my ICMA Fellowship is overwhelming.


Dolly Catlin 
Transit Commission Manager 
Dunn County Department of Public Works 
Transit Division