The Biden Transition, the 117th Congress, and the Prospects for Aid to Cities and Counties

What local officials should know about the federal government transition

By Elizabeth Kellar | Jan 5, 2021 | ARTICLE


Join Sustainable Strategies DC and ICMA for a discussion of what the transition to a Biden/Harris Administration will look like from a local government lens.

Find out more about presidential priorities, new federal agency leadership, potential policy shifts, and opportunities for local/federal collaboration.

Following the Georgia runoff and the determination of Senate control, the webinar will also share how the 117th Congress will be organized, including its legislative focus, committee chairs, and potential for major action impacting localities (economic recovery, infrastructure bill, climate change and resilience, appropriations).

Register here for the Thursday, January 7 webinar.

This webinar will be informational and nonpartisan, and will help local government leaders understand the coming changes in Washington, DC.


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