2018 CAO Salary and Compensation Survey

ICMA’s CAO Salary Survey is open!

ARTICLE | Jan 22, 2019

ICMA has been conducting research on the compensation of local government officials for 50 years. In the face of heightened interest in local government spending, it’s critical that ICMA gather accurate data on the salary and compensation of local government chief administrative officers (CAOs). Our survey results provide current data on CAO salary and compensation levels in the United States, as well as a comparative analysis at state and regional levels. Survey results can be a valuable resource to ICMA members and local governments during salary conversations and in advocacy efforts for the profession.

CAO Salary and Compensation Survey results are an exclusive benefit for ICMA members. If any of the information is reported beyond the membership, it will only be shared in the aggregate.

Help ensure the success of this survey, which was sent via email on January 21, by taking the time to complete it.