Lance A. Hedquist

Lance Hedquist has served as city administrator of South Sioux City, Nebraska, since 1980. Before that he was assistant director of Siouxland Interstate Metropolitan Planning Council, Iowa (1970-1980).

ICMA had the chance to connect with Lance as he reflected on his career. 

ICMA: What was your first job?

LH: My first public job was with the Siouxland Interstate Metropolitan Planning Agency in 1969. 

ICMA: What was the most unusual council or other meeting you attended?

LH: We had a flood that was eminent, and the citizens were very concerned.  One of the most memorable meetings was a meeting with 1000’s of citizens in a standing room only crowd.

ICMA: What is the most random item in your office or desk?

LH: It’s a hand carved transit bus from the 1970’s. 

"We can all learn valuable lessons from each other.  Having a professional organization to float ideas and concepts off of is very essential to moving our cities forward."