Police chiefs and fire chiefs are two of the most visible members of a manager’s executive team. Selecting the right individuals for the jobs is critical to providing the leadership necessary to make your community a safer and better place to live. Hiring the wrong people can damage staff morale and public trust and negatively impact your government’s agenda and your career. Ensure a successful selection by using an advanced process designed to maximize a positive outcome. Contact Thomas Wieczorek, Director of the Center for Public Safety Management at (616) 813-3782 or twieczorek@cpsm.us to learn more.

Chief Selection Advantage: An expert guided assessment process for your most important decision

Our progressive, research-based assessment process trains and advises city managers and their staffs, and HR directors and their staffs, in the use of a complete and comprehensive selection process that begins with an in-depth analysis of your department and chief’s position allowing you to appoint the most qualified candidate for your next fire or police chief.

How can the Chief Selection Advantage help?

  • Add power to your selection decisions: Allows local governments to use a selection process that is based on up-to-date research and modern simulation technology while providing technical assistance, research, and training directly to your staff from experts in the field
  • Gain control: Allows your HR staff to successfully conduct chief recruitments in-house with specific qualifications and needs, giving you greater control and flexibility over the process and keeping recruitment costs down
  • Choose a solution that fits: Identifies critical core competencies that are necessary for success in your unique environment AND ensures that your selection process focuses on the success factors that enable excellent performance in and for your community
  • Tailored to your needs: Customizes the assessment process based on your needs and avoids the square peg/ round hole problem
  • Get real help: Provides expert administrators to conduct the assessment process in a way that is fair to all candidates AND meets professional standards
  • Gain buy in: Incorporates the thoughts and opinions of important decision makers, stakeholders, and citizens of your communities.

All of this begins with a comprehensive analysis of your department in advance of the assessment process (including results from a nationally conducted research study) to identify the challenges your new chief will face using proven experts in the field whose experience and insight will allow you to build a rewarding partnership with your most important position!

Leadership does matter. Let us help you select the best leader for your department. Our process is carefully crafted using the best research practices to ensure your city makes the right decision. Avoid pitfalls and make the right choice in choosing your next fire or police chief.

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Get started with your assessment today by contacting Thomas Wieczorek, Director of the Center for Public Safety Management at (616) 813-3782 or twieczorek@cpsm.us.