ICMA is partnering with the Professional Development Academy to offer a pilot program in leading local government cybersecurity initiatives.

Upcoming Cohorts

January Session (Kick-off is January 10, 2022)

Course Fee

The retail cost is $2,495 per participant, however ICMA Members pay $1,995 - a 20% discount! Non-ICMA Member fee is $2,495. 


What is the Professional Development Academy?

The Professional Development Academy (PDA) focuses on making leaders better. PDA challenges the status quo of traditional learning and leadership development by the intentional design of its collaborative learning model. PDA makes existing leaders better and emerging leaders ready. In turn, teams become more dynamic, local government staff become a greater value to those in the communities in which they serve, and those individuals leading the way, realize their fullest leadership potential as people. ICMA has partnered with the Academy to offer the Enterprise Cybersecurity Leadership: A 12-week mentorship based collaborative readiness program led by CISOs and other experts who deliver their proven frameworks and insights on how to lead and secure a network and an organization – protecting data assets and the enterprise brand. This program coaches participants on what it means to think and act as a cybersecurity leader.

Who Should Attend the Professional Development Academy?

Existing and emerging cybersecurity leaders interested in improving their capabilities, team engagement, and business outcomes. In some instances, this program is ideal for cyber business partners in finance, operations, HR, and other disciplines who are interested in learning more about cybersecurity leadership and overall business risk management.

Who facilitates the Professional Development Academy programs?

All programs are expertly facilitated by subject matter experts. These facilitators have PhDs and years of experience as leaders.

Where does the training take place and for how long?

The Academy has a proprietary learning management system that enables all programs to be fully online. The program contains 12-weeks of content and to fully engage in that content takes about 4-5 hours per week. This has been determined manageable and non-disruptive to the already busy schedules of frontline leaders.

What is a “breakout” group and why are they important to have in the leadership development program?

Breakout groups are key to the social learning aspect of any leadership development program and they are one of the highest rated activities of the Professional Development Academy in terms of value. Breakout groups are 8-12 participants who meet weekly to keep each other accountable to the program outcomes and each person’s individual development plans as well as validate and support each other’s ideas.

What makes this cybersecurity leadership training different?

ICMA compared the program offered by the Professional Development Academy to others as well as the satisfaction levels of past participants. The program is extremely highly rated and offers the convenience online learning combined with the interactivity that keeps participants engaged.

Is the certification received an actual certification of a specific skill or based off attendance?

The certificate is signed by General Colin Powell and Dr. Tim Rahschulte representing the Academy’s National Leadership Board; additionally, it is signed by ICMA leadership. It is a Certificate of Excellence in Leadership as demonstrated by their completion and engagement of program material. They will not receive a certificate for just enrolling and attending the course. They have to complete and engage in the content to receive the certificate.