VLGMA Committees

Committee work engages VLGMA members.

Want to be more involved in VLGMA?  Contact Molly Harlow to join a committee.

Professional Development Committee (PDC) Roster 2018-2019

PDC Roles and Responsibilities

PDC is responsible for improving the quality of professional development programs and promoting credentialing to underscore the professional expertise and resource that professional managers bring to their community and citizens.  This committee also plans and executes the two annual VLGMA conferences in February and June each year.  This committee meets three times per year, in February as part of the Winter Conference, in late August/early September, and at the VML Annual Conference in October.

Civic Engagement Committee Roster 2018-2019

The Civic Engagement Committee, per the VLGMA strategic plan, is to develop a civic engagement program and/or resources that facilitate citizen participation to enhance involvement in the civic process.  To achieve this important goal the committee is active in collecting locality best practices to share with our members, creating resources materials for use by localities in partnership with our local schools, promoting the annual April Local Government Education Week, and updating the VLMGA website.  The work is shared among committee members and includes two meetings a year tied to the conference, one e-newsletter articles per committee member and as needed email/conference calls in between the committee meetings.  This committee also helps to plan and organize DAO meetings.

Communications and Networking Committee Roster 2018-2019

Communications & Networking performs the following tasks for VLGMA: 1) Utilize an engaged Communications and Networking Committee to achieve strategic goals; 2) Ensure an environment exists for regional managers to interact through existing personal and/or professional group affiliations and 3) Leverage social media, e-mail and website tools to better connect all members to information and each other.  Members of this committee are responsible for the monthly eNews articles "A DAO in the Life."  This committee also helps to plan and organize DAO meetings.

Strategic Planning Committee Roster 2018-2019

The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for helping to plan the future of VLGMA by reviewing and updating the strategic plan each year.  This committee meets twice a year at each of the annual conferences.

Deputies, Assistants and Others (DAOs)

VLGMA’s main mission is to strengthen the quality of local government through professional management. As such, the association seeks to promote professional management in a variety of ways including training, networking, mentoring, member support and resource sharing.

An outgrowth from this mission is VLGMA’s effort to support Deputies, Assistants and Other local government employees (a.k.a. DAOs) who are aspiring to be municipal government department managers, deputy managers or City Managers/County Administrators by providing opportunities to gather at DAO meetings held semi-annually around the state in the spring and fall.  These meetings are designed by fellow DAO members to create an inviting atmosphere, “story” sharing and provide excellent networking opportunities.

You’re invited to attend with us to meet more of your colleagues from around the state, learn things that will help you reach your career goals, and share your successes.  For more information on upcoming meetings check out the website page at: https://icma.org/vlgma/deputies-assistants-others

The Chairs of the Professional Development Committee, the Communications and Networking Committee, and the Civic Education Committee share the  work of the  DAO efforts. Host localities develop planning teams for each DAO meeting.  The next DAO meeting is September 21, 2018, in Orange County.