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Revitalizing Communities: Why Do Brownfields Matter?

The revitalization of brownfield sites can help move a community forward and protect the environment.

Regional Collaboratives for Climate Change — A State of the Art

Harnessing the power of networks to build resilience to climate impacts and, in some cases, to reduce the emissions driving those impacts.

PM Article: A New Framework for Financial Sustainability

What the Common Pool Resource Theory Might Do for Financial Sustainability

What Does Sustainability Mean in Practice?

For Lismore, It Means Everything

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Sustainability Model Codes and Resources

Links to tools, research, codes, and ordinances categorized by municipal operations, utilities, transportation and land use, and environmental and natural resource management.

Identifying Opportunities in Operations Management to Reach Your Sustainability Goals

Municipal operations provide an opportunity to reduce the impact on human and environmental health. 

Green Infrastructure and a Checklist For Implementing a Successful Plan

download this infographic and checklist for implementing a successful green infrastructure plan

Infographic: Energy Efficiency Checklist for Local Governments

Printable checklist with simple steps to improve energy efficiency in communities. 

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Advancing Social Equity Goals to Achieve Sustainability: Local Governments, Social Equity, and Sustainable Communities

This report describes the current activities, leading practices, and achievements of sustainable communities. Such communities were created through a comprehensive, integrated approach to sustainability supported by inclusive engagement, equal access to services, and livable neighborhoods. The report examines the extent to which social equity activities are included within an integrated approach to sustainability, how social equity is defined, and the level of commitment of local governments in addressing equity issues. The analysis examines all local governments that responded to the ICMA 2010 survey, focusing in particular on the characteristics of the minority of governments—fewer than 1 in 10—that are very active in social equity. Additional information used includes information from a 2012 follow-up survey focused on social equity activities and nine case studies on communities identified from the 2012 follow-up survey. This research was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

PODCAST: Fighting the Threat of Climate Change and Rising Sea Levels

Hear Susanne Torriente describe how the city of Miami Beach is fighting to keep the community afloat.

Top Five ICMA Resources on Water Issues

August is National Water Quality Month. So with this in mind, here are five of ICMA’s best resources on water technology and policy.

A Regional Look at Local Food Systems

On National Agriculture Day, ICMA released regional snapshots of local governments and their local food systems.